Municipal Earth Work

Blasting done in preparation for roads, septics, and foundations. We live in the Rocky Mountains and frequently rocks are encountered in the path of where a house, septic, and road may need to go.

Earth Work Construction Services

Municipal Dynamite Blasting in Florissant, Colorado

Road Route Clearing | Road Building | Bridge Building | Dirt Excavation

We love building roads and have our fair share of road building experience working with city and state governments. We are proud of our sixty-five years of experience and have always worked extremely hard for our city and state road work contacts. We aim to deliver results because we know a property-constructed road will not only provide for our home state but also earn your future business as well. We specialize in dynamite blasting and road construction in Colorado. We can blast out the perfect and safest route for your road, considering ground erosion and weather conditions in our construction, we will install a road that lasts the extra mile and give you proper value from your investment. We also are experienced bridge builders and can tackle all aspects of your road construction project. But when it comes to dynamite blasting, you need a company with extensive experience, a terrific safety record, and the equipment necessary to complete precision work. You need Snare Construction. Pick up the phone and schedule your project today with one of our friendly customer service representatives.